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1. What is Shitada-no-Mori?

Shitada-no-Mori is a satoyama surrounded by residential development, located in southern Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture.

※ What is satoyama?
It is a place and ecosystem for cyclical relationships between human life and their environment.

2. Topography and Land Use of Shitada-no-Mori

Shitada-no-Mori is one of a few remaining places where small rice paddies tucked into valleys (known in Japan as “Yatsuda”) can be found, and you can see the unique topography which makes them possible.
There is a plateau surrounded by forests and farm fields, flanked by a lowland area. The slopes are covered by dense forests, while the lowland hosts a pond and stream which encircle the rice paddy, vegetable field, and grassy lawn.

Find the simple comforts of nature in this secluded forested space.

3. A Place for Diverse Creatures

Shitada-no-Mori is host to many different types of creatures, which live and hide amongst the diverse landscapes of forests, grass, fields, and paddies. Natural spring water pours into the area and collects in the ponds and streams, supporting a biodiverse ecosystem in a compact space.


For example, the space hosts over 60 species of rare animals (such as birds and insects) and more than 60 species of rare wildflowers.

4. Living History: how to make the most from living with nature

See how people managed daily life before the introduction of fuels such as oil and gas. Visitors can see a model of historical self-sufficient life, using firewood and charcoal for heat and working fields with human labor and with horses. Old houses and structures still remain, so visitors can learn the wisdom of ancestors who lived here and were able to make the most out of nature.

5. How Our Efforts Began

Starting in the 1970s, the landowners began their conservation activities. In the 1990s, surrounding land was developed into residential properties, stimulating momentum for conserving natural environments. The landowners had deep knowledge of the local ecosystem, and several neighbors had a passion for environmental conservation. Their combined efforts helped keep Shitada-no-Mori as a satoyama landscape, an urban green space, and a regional treasure.

However, even now, a large portion of Shitada-no-Mori remains private land. If such land is developed into residential development, it cannot be easily remade back into its historical forested ecosystem.

All across Japan, miracle satoyama in towns and cities are disappearing, replaced by urban sprawl. In order to properly maintain satoyama, we believe that it is vital for citizens, landowners, and local government to work together to establish and maintain a clear understanding of the importance of these ecosystems.

6. Our Current Activities

We at NPO Shitada-no-Mori Satoyama Forum engage in activities to conserve the natural resources and cultural history remaining in this area :
・we work in vegetable fields and rice paddies,
・we maintain and conserve both the natural ecosystem and the historical items,
・we conduct lessons for local students from elementary school age to college level, and
・we host events for neighborhood residents to meet & communicate with each other.

7. Park Rules

At Shitada-no-Mori, all activities are connected to each other.

Some activities considered normal at typical parks can have significant impacts on the local environment, which can damage the functions of Shitadanomori as a Nature Museum.

In order to avoid making drastic changes to the local ecosystem, and to ensure visitors can enjoy the natural enviorment in peace and quiet, we ask for your cooperation and attention regarding the following points.

Rules for Usage of the Park

Please take your garbage home with you.

Please do not ride bicycles, motorcycles, etc in the Park (Strollers and wheelchairs are allowed)

Please refrain from ball or sports playing with equipment in the Park.

Pets are not allowed in the Park

Please do not enter areas marked Off-Limits (立入禁止) such as the farmowner’s land, without permission.

Please do not bring animals or plants into/out of the Park without permission.

Please do not feed wild animals.

The Park is home to a number of specified non-native species, such as American crayfish, caddisflies, or bullfrogs.

We are managing them in accordance with local and national regulations, and we request your cooperation.the law

Rules for Catching Crayfish

  •  Crayfish must be returned to the pond after catching.
  •  When returning crayfish, please place them in the designated bucket.
  •  Releasing the caught crayfish elsewhere is strictly forbidden.
  •  Please take bait or other fishing gear with you when you leave.

8. Contact

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